@2016 Ecaterina Stefanco - 1000 Times Yes

Thank you to the talented James Pouliot, Rémi Dupac, Claire Macintyre, Simply Lovely Photo, Gione da Silva, Philip Andrukhovich & Cristina Panainte for the lovely pictures shared here.

1000 Times Yes is a wedding agency based in Nice, specializing in weddings on the French Riviera. Everything is handled with love and care - from venue find to on site coordination, and all that is between, before & after that. For a brief time, your wedding planner is your advocate, partner in crime and confident, fighting for the best spaces, vendors and experiences.


Thus, a true connection with the bride and groom is simply crucial. So just like in love, we either jump into it with a full heart, or not at all.  That is why, we only propose A to Z, full planning and coordination service, and we enjoy every bit of it !